Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Top 5 Minecraft mods Jun 2020

Our list of the best Minecraft of Jun 2020

Here, We will introduce you to the Best Minecraft Mods that you can use to enhance your overall experience on Minecraft. Our Best Minecraft Mods List features a bunch of the most interesting and fun ways to modify your game!
The core of Minecraft is great, but if you've been playing for a while you might be wanting something extra.

Minecraft Mods are a great way to extend and enhance the game in a lot of different ways.

We've updated our list of mods for 2020 with the most current links and latest versions of the best Minecraft mods. We've organized them by the newest version of Minecraft they support, so you can begin picking mods that will all run on your preferred version. Many of these great mods are compatible with Minecraft 1.15.2, so that's a great category to start with!

Discover the best Minecraft mods

1. Optifine

Optifine is another mod that’ll help to improve the game performance when you are using a robust machine. You can use it to add support for HD textures and other graphical improvizations. It is a really useful mod if game visuals matter a lot for you.
Moment, Optifine not compatible with Minecraft 1.15.2 Mods


2. NEI/ Not Enough Items

If you’re wanting to find out which block to create next and just how many blocks there are, then this is the mod you’ll want to install.

Not Enough Items, or NEI, allows you to get a list of all the blocks that are available to create and all the ingredients required to make them.

This is an awesome mod because it saves a ton of time and makes things simple, which is why it’s the third-best Minecraft mod on our list.



HWYLA is a fork from the old popular utility What Am I Looking At. WAILA is no longer being updated, so you'll want to go with HWYLA for the future. Among other things, it shows a tooltip with the name of the block or object your cursor is pointing at. It's a useful utility for exploring a new modpack if you're constantly scratching your head wondering what that block you've never seen before is.

Minecraft version 1.12.2 - 1.15.2

4. Just Enough Items (JEI)

Just Enough Items is the successor of the older NotEnoughItems mods that lets you search for materials in-game and see all of its recipes. This is another useful tool to have installed alongside any new modpacks you try, helping you learn the recipes for new items you're not yet familiar with.


5. Journeymap

If you like to know where you’re going before you get there, or at least have some idea of what’s ahead, then Journey Map is the mod for you.

Simply put, Journey Map allows you to see the route where you’re heading, allowing you to make decisions on which way to go and how far you need to travel.

It keeps things simple and also lets you make a note of where your favourite places are and gives you a heads up on the location of your enemies.

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